The Rupiah Drops By The US Dollar, Becoming To Rp. 14,610

PojokNasional . The exchange rate of the United States dollar (US) against the rupiah this morning experienced a strengthening. The US dollar is at the level of Rp. 14,610. Citing Reuters trade data on Tuesday, the US dollar was at its highest level of Rp. 14,615 and its lowest level was Rp. 14,560. The strengthening of the US dollar against the rupiah has continued to occur lately. Not only the rupiah, other developing country currencies were also affected by the strengthening of the US dollar. Head of Research at Samuel Asset Management Lana Soelistianingsih said Bank Indonesia (BI) needed to intervene so that the rupiah exchange rate would not fall back. Moreover, currently foreign exchange reserves have increased by US $ 20 billion from the previous month. "BI needs to intervene so that the rupiah strengthens. Moreover, our foreign exchange reserves have increased from yesterday's release," Lana explained, the intervention was carried out so that the rupiah did not re

Effects of the Weakening of the Rupiah Dragging the JCI to the Red Zone

RakyatUtama . The Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) is predicted to move in the red zone on Monday's trade. The weakening rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar (US) was the trigger. Based on RTI Infocom data, the rupiah in the past week weakened by 1.7 percent. Previously the rupiah had been in the area of ​​Rp. 14,200 per US dollar, now the rupiah has weakened in the area of ​​Rp. 14,400 per US dollar. "The JCI is predicted to weaken, supporting 6,085-6,105 resistance 6,143-6,161," said Analyst Artha Sekuritas Dennies Christopher Jordan, as quoted from his research on Sunday. In addition, Dennies said the JCI in today's trade will experience pressure from technical factors. JCI movement that has touched the overbought area is expected to weigh on the index movement. "There is potential for weakness in the short term," Dennies explained. But, Indosurya Analyst Shining Securities William Surya Wijaya estimates that the JCI will continue its strengthenin

Following the weakening of the capital market, the price of oil shake

RakyatDigital . World crude oil prices slumped nearly two percent on Monday, when the United States (US). Weakening follows the weakening of global capital markets due to demand worries. Reported by Reuters on Tuesday, the price of Brent crude oil futures sank US $ 0.75 to US $ 60.96 per barrel. Meanwhile, the price of US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures fell US $ 0.95 to US $ 51.66 per barrel. The weakening of the global capital market occurred for five consecutive days. The weakening of capital markets in Europe and Asia extends to Wall Street triggered by a signal of a new dispute between the US-China which will impact on global economic growth. The market was also burdened by confusion over the postponement of the vote regarding the Brexit agreement by Prime Minister Theresa May. In addition, the weakening also occurred due to the recent decline in world economic data including the US, China, Japan and Germany. "The stock market correlation and oil market return

The Rupiah Plummeted to IDR 14,615 per US Dollar, Lack of Strong Drugs

ChannelRakyat . The rupiah exchange rate was in the position of Rp14,615 per US dollar (US) in spot market trading this Tuesday morning. This position weakened 62 points or 0.43 percent compared to Monday at Rp14,553 per US dollar. In line with the rupiah, several Asian currencies also weakened from the US dollar. The South Korean won weakened 0.3 percent, the Malaysian ringgit was minus 0.19 percent, the Philippine peso was minus 0.17 percent, and the Singapore dollar was minus 0.02 percent. However, several other currencies managed to park in the green zone, as the Hong Kong dollar rose 0.02 percent, the Thai baht was 0.12 percent, and the Japanese yen was 0.25 percent. The same goes for the major currencies of developed countries, some of which rose from the US dollar, such as the Swiss franc 0.14 percent, British pound 0.06 percent, European euro 0.05 percent, and Russian ruble 0.04 percent. However, the Australian dollar weakened 0.03 percent and the Canadian dollar was minus 0.03

Police Form Special Team for Buru Papua Armed Groups

BuletinNasional . Papua Regional Police (Polda) formed a special team to pursue armed criminal groups (KKB) which shot dead a number of employees of PT Istaka Karya and members of the TNI. Papua Police Chief Inspector General Martuani Sormin claimed the formation of the team was supported by the XVII / Cenderawasih Kodam. "We have formed a team to pursue the perpetrators. Our commitment from the Papua Regional Police will not stop to pursue, arrest and enforce the law against this KKB," Martuani said as quoted by Antara on Tuesday. The Istaka Karya project workers were attacked by the KKB when building bridges at two points, namely Kali Yigi and Kali Aurak, Yigi District, Nduga Regency. Regional Military Commander Markodap III Ndugama West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB), Egianus Kogoya stated responsibility. They were also responsible for the attacks that took place at the 755 Yonif Post / Yalet in Mbua District. In the attack, a member of the TNI, First Sergeant Hand

Meet Family in Bandung, Victim Survivors of Shooting in Papua

PorosNasional . Irawan Maulana (22), a resident of Garut, West Java who works as a telephone tower cable installer who survived the attack of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Nduga, Papua, arrived in Bandung, West Java. In Bandung, Irawan met with family and a number of relatives. Irawan arrived at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters on Tuesday morning. Previously, Irawan stopped first at Soekarno-Hatta Airport Terminal 1B on Monday night around 9:25 p.m. Accompanied by Garut police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Budi Satria Wiguna, Irawan arrived at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters at around 08.00 WIB. The atmosphere of emotion colored the arrival of Irawan who had been waiting for his family. As soon as he arrived at the Mapolda lobby, Irawan immediately embraced his mother, Uyu (60). Some Irawan families and their relatives also one by one welcomed his arrival. Irawan then sat at a table with the West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Budi Maryo

In Papua Armed Violence Continues to Occur

TabloidNasional . The killings in Nduga that occurred in the first week of December 2018 added to the row of cases of armed violence that occurred in Papua. More than 20 cases have occurred since 2014 to November 2018. Throughout 2017, armed violence killed three Indonesian officers and two people from armed groups. In that year, there were nine cases recorded by media coverage. The following year, the number of victims swelled. Four civilian victims and three Indonesian officers were recorded. The casualties emerged from seven cases that occurred until November 2018. The data did not include an incident in Nduga that happened to Trans Papua development workers. During 2014 to November 2018, at least 15 civilians and 14 Indonesian officials were killed in various incidents of armed violence. Occurs in Certain Regions Nduga Regency is the third region of eight Papua regions to be the location of incidents of armed violence during 2014-2018. Puncak Jaya Regency is the main area. For four

Ahead of Christmas & New Year, Anies Holds Public Order Operations

HarianPress . The DKI Jakarta Provincial Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) held a Wibawa Praja Operation to improve public order and tranquility ahead of the 2019 and New Year's Christmas celebrations in 2019. Praja Wibawa Operation is the supervision and law enforcement of all violations of the provisions governing public order in Jakarta. DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan in the apple held at the City Hall yard on Monday (10/12) inaugurated the operation until the 21st December. This operation targets people with social welfare problems (PMKS), illegal street vendors (PKL), illegal parking, sidewalk sterilization, and the sale of alcoholic drinks without permission. The DKI Provincial Government mobilized 425 members to join during the operation. The personnel consisted of 100 Satpol PP and Dishub officers, 75 members of the TNI, 100 police, as well as 150 Regional Task Force personnel from each city area in Jakarta. Anies in his remarks when the apple appealed to Satpol PP

Based on the Public Survey of Corruption Rate in Indonesia Up

PojokPos . The Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI) and Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) released the results of a national survey entitled 'Public Perception Trends on Corruption in Indonesia'. From the results of the survey the majority of respondents considered that the level of corruption had increased with a result of 52 percent. While 21 percent of respondents rate the level of corruption has decreased, 24 percent rate has not changed, and 3 percent do not know. "In general, those who said the level of corruption increased by a maximum of 52 percent," said LSI Senior Researcher Burhanuddin Muhtadi while presenting the results of the survey in Jakarta on Monday. However, said Burhanuddin, looking at the results of a survey of corruption trends in the past two years, the perception of corruption declined, from 70 percent in 2016, 55 percent in 2016 to 52 percent in this latest survey. Burhanuddin went on to say that as much as 81 percent considered the Corruption E

"Truck Driver Sandwiched" Citizens' Testimony about Bumiayu Accident

KanalUtama . Successive accidents involving trucks with a number of vehicles took place in Bumiayu, Central Java, Monday afternoon. This accident left four people dead and several others injured. One eyewitness, Arif Rahman Hakim (29) said that the truck driver had been caught and could not get out. When the residents evacuated, the driver suffered a number of injuries on his body. "I was able to help other residents and evacuate the driver who had been stuck. The driver is still alive," Arif told Currently the truck driver has been taken to the hospital with other injured victims. Moreover, this accident occurred right in front of the Muhammadiyah Bumiayu General Hospital, Jalan Raya Bumiayu, Jatisawit Village, Brebes. Arif added that the incident had not yet arrived at the police officer. Residents around the location who took the initiative directly helped the victims. He suspected that the truck had lost control due to brake failure, so it hit a number o

In order to save the State Budget, New Bawaslu Forms 23 TPS Day Supervisors Before Election

PojokNasional . Chairperson of the Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) Abhan said, his party would only form a polling station (TPS) supervisory team 23 days ahead of voting or on March 26 2019. Later, the polling station supervisor worked up to 7 days after voting. This is in accordance with the provisions of Law number 19 of 2017 concerning the establishment, dismissal, and replacement of Bawaslu members.  "So the working period of the polling station supervisor is one month," said Chairman of the Election Supervisory Body Abhan at the National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) overseeing 2019 Election at the Mercure Ancol Hotel, North Jakarta. Abhan said, the formation of polling station supervisors ahead of polling day was aimed at saving the state budget. In addition, the formation of 23-day polling station supervisors ahead of the election is also considered to be able to further optimize the performance of supervisors. He explained, the 2019 Election became the first e

This is the Cool Breakthrough of Women's National Commission, When the Number of Violence Increases

RakyatUtama . Reports related to cases of violence against women who entered the National Commission on Violence against Women or Komnas Perempuan continued to increase. On average, from the National Commission on Violence Against Women data, the number of complaints reports reaches 100 cases every month. The violence against women that was reported was derived from various reports. Responding to the surge in reports of violence, the National Commission on Violence Against Women made a breakthrough to create convenience in the complaints process. The Chairperson of the National Commission for Women, Azriana R. Manalu, emphasized the breakthrough that her party made in this matter by implementing cloud contact center technology. According to him, in this way, victims could be facilitated in the complaints process. In addition, this is for the convenience of the victim. "So far, it's still a manual and our volunteers are still limited. "Contact center cloud technology can s